Presentation and design guidelines

Oral presentations can be held in Croatian or English.

Every presenter has 15 minutes for his presentation. Our recommendation is to plan 12 minutes for the report and 3 minutes for a discussion.

In the preparation of your oral presentation you should take into consideration the following points:
• Ensure that you are available at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the session on the day of the conference.
• Available equipment at your disposal is a PC and projector.
• Recommended software to be used is PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat (pdf).


Recommendations for a good oral presentation
• The content has to be structured and should contain the following parts: title, introduction, methods, results,discussion, etc.
• Presentations should not contain whole texts. Elaborate points in your paper and in the presentation mention a few tips.
• Every slide must contain a title which comprises the information shown on the slide.
• Create a logical sequence of your presentation.
• Use fonts which will be visible on the projection (big fonts becuse small ones are not easy to read)
• Use colours in contrast or a dark background with a light text or a light background with a dark text.
• Avoid backgrounds with illegible texts.
• Limit the graphics to 1 to 3 per page. Too many graphics can be confusing.
• Avoid CAPITAL LETTERS in your TEXT. It will look like you are screaming.
• Find a good combination of words, images, and graphics.
• Variety will make your presentation interesting.
• The presentation should be designed to complement your oral presentation rather than displaying all the text you are going to present.
• Make it simple and try not to read the slides from the slides of your presentation.
• Since the total duration of the oral presentation is 15 minutes, the recommended number of slides for your PowerPoint file is 15/20


Instructions for a poster-presentation
• All poster presentations can be written and presented in English or Croatian, the official languages of the event.
• Poster Presentation provides exhibitors the opportunity to present the results and conclusions of their works.
• Your poster will be exposed during the conference.
• The poster poster is expected to be present next to his poster poster during the session.
• Poster presentations and authors will be listed in the Conference Program and included in the Conference Proceedings.
• The poster presentation is reported as well as a summary of the works.

Dimensions and format:

– Posters should be printed and donated by each conference author.
– The poster can be 130 cm high and 90 cm wide. (51 inches high x 35˝ inches wide).
– The organizing team of the conference will provide space and placards for affixing posters.
– Your poster should be legible at a distance of 2 meters.