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Interdisciplinarity and multimodality of artistic areas
• Connection between different artistic areas
• The concept of multidimensionality versus the one-way modality of fields of art
• Syncretic expression by integration of different artistic expressions
• Co-relationship of literature and other forms of art

Learning through art
• Learning and adopting different artistic skills and knowledge through artistic projects oriented towards the process
• The role of teachers, educators, art pedagogues in encouraging creativity in children
• Holistic approach to the curriculum of the artistic field
• Socio-cultural perspectives and learning through art

Encouraging and developing creative potentials through art
• Creativity as the human inherent potential
• Encouraging creativity and its transfer to other areas in the contemporary context
• Art therapy

Interculturality in art and art education
• Dialogue and active exchange of experiences in various fields of art and culture
• Intercultural education
• Expressing one’s own cultural identity through art
• Multicultural society and art

Artistic research and research in the field of art
• Artist as a researcher of his / her own practice
• Different forms and methods of research in the field of art
• Qualitative and quantitative research to support research in the field of art

Art as a challenge to philosophy
• Multiperspectivity as a challenge to artistic creation
• Art and existence
• Elements of tragedy, myth and religion in art
• Art as an engagement

Discourses on pedagogy in the field of art
• The status and role of pedagogy in the area of education
• Artist as a pedagogue or pedagogue as an artist
• Methodology in the field of art

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